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Foxmans blue-light blocking computer glasses Everyday Lens

Our Everyday lenses block 30%-50% of all HEV blue-light between 430-450nm spectrum and 100% from 400nm, offering ample protection whilst minimising colour distortion.

These lenses are recommended if you use your digital screens for 1-6 hours per day. These lenses are designed for those who spend limited time in front of a digital screen, whether for fun or work, and want to protect their eyes and brain from Digital Eye Strain and Insomnia.

When using our digital devices, their screens emit a whole spectrum of visible light, including High Energy Visible (HEV) light, which we see as the colour blue. This is the same highly energetic light emitted by the sun. Before digital screens, our eyes would only ever usually have to cope with this highly energetic light for during the day. However today, we are exposing our eyes & brains to HEV more and more, which can lead to migraines, double vision, blurry & dry eyes and insomnia.

Most users will benefit from this level of protection from HEV blue-light using this 30% blocking lens.

Foxmans blue-light blocking computer glasses Heavy Duty Lens

Our Heavy Duty lens block 98.5% of all HEV blue-light on 400-520nm spectrum and 100% from 400nm. Designed for professionals and insomniacs.

If you use your digital screens for 6+ hours per day, we recommend our Heavy Duty lenses, which block 98.5% of all HEV blue-light, offering maximum eye protection whilst using your digital devices.

If you spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen, whether for fun or work and especially at night, then these advanced lenses will afford you the maximum protection. If you suffer from Insomnia these lenses will help alleviate the effects of HEV light on your circadian rhythms and  sleep patterns.

Our Heavy Duty Clip-ons add 70% blocking power to your Everyday lenses, which already block 30% HEV blue-light. You can therefore increase your blue-light protection to 100% as and when you need it, offering you maximum flexibility.

We also have UV400 Solar clip-ons, for when the sun is out, and Red Lens clip-ons coming soon!

With our Dawn-to-Dusk package, you will receive a pair of our Everyday-lens glasses, with a triple-pack of clip-ons, for every stage of the day.

Starting with our Everyday lenses (available in a range of styles), you can wear these throughout the day, offering you an ample 30% day-time protection from HEV blue-light when going about your daily routine, without any colour distortion. This is perfect to block unwanted glare from screens, TVs and strong lighting.

As the evening comes, snap on our Heavy Duty Clip-ons, which add a further 70% HEV blue-light protection, taking your total protection up to 100%. This is essential for calming down your brain as you move from day-time to evening.

Up to 1 hour before bedtime, switch to our Bed-time Red Clip-ons, creating a soothing and warm dusk-like light, which calms your brain as it transitions to a natural sleep-cycle by mimicking the colours of the sunset.

Lastly, you can also turn your glasses into UV400 sunglasses when the sun comes out, by adding our Solar Clip-ons.

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Fantastic customer service!
One of the glasses had damage when the product arrived. Upon contacting the customer service team Jeremy immediately offered to send me a new pair and offered a full refund. I have rarely experienced such smooth customer friendly approach. In today's mass production of things, it is inevitable to have a malfunction somewhere. But I can frankly say that Foxmans ensures their customers are happy. Would highly recommend!
Carole Nemery
Sleep quality massive improved
There's a massive difference in my sleep quality. I tried a few experiments having the same level of exercise, food quality and bed time at the same hour. The nights where I used the glasses 3 hours before sleep, the total sleep time increased with about 15%. The percentage of deep sleep and REM sleep increased with 5-8% each. The overall benefit is very easy to notice. I highly recommend the ones that block 98.5%.
Seulean Erik-Cristian
They actually help your eyes
I wanted to get blue light blocking glasses for a while as my eyes get extremely tired working with a computer for several hours a day. I get headaches, feel nauseous and drained towards the end of the day. What can I say I've been using the glasses for three weeks now and it made a difference. My headaches are gone, I don't get nauseous anymore and to my surprise, my dark circles around the eyes started going away. It also added a nice spicy detail to my outfit-I get a lot of compliments of how good these glasses look. Would definitely recommend for people who get eyestrain and who want to protect the skin around the eyes (fine lines and dark circles have significantly reduced).
Beatrice Mikulskyte
Well made, worth the money!
These are so cute. Sturdy hinges and feel well made (especially for the price!) I’m giving these 5 stars, they look great on. Only thing is that you can tell there’s a kind of yellow tint when people look at you... I only wear for computer use anyway but just a heads up that the lense does have a visible tint. For me, 5 stars though! ?
+ 5 Best practices to protect your eyes and brain

There are numerous ways you can reduce the strain on your eyes caused by HEV.

1. Get a comprehensive Eye Exam

The best way to take care of your eyes is to get an optician to take a look at your eyes, explain your symptoms and see what they prescribe. It might be that you need to start wearing prescription lenses, or if you are already, maybe your prescription has changed.

2. Adjust your computer settings

You can often reduce the effect of screens on your eyes by simply adjusting the settings on your devices. Turn down the brightness, increase the font size & contrast or reduce the 'color temperature' settings. Check with your product manual or their customer services if you are unsure how to do this. Computer Glasses offer a slight amber hue which can improve the contrast from the text on your screens making it easier to read.

3. Blink more often

Blinking is one of those reflexes that we often do subconsciously. However if you are able to be more mindful of it, and force yourself to blink more often when using your laptop or mobile, you will coat your eyes with more tears and keep them lubricated. You could also use lubricating eye drops from your local pharmacy.

4. Exercise your eyes & take breaks

When you stare at screens for too long, you can get 'focusing fatigue'. This simply means that you are exhausting your eyes by staring at one thing for too long. Imagine staring at your feet for hours on end, you would soon get a headache from focussing on one thing for so long! This is the same with our screens except, we often stare for hours on one single object without realising.

Every 20 minutes or so, take a break, stare off into the horizon, or something far away and give your eyes a break. During your breaks, make sure to stand up and move about whilst stretching your arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders. This will also reduce muscle tension and fatigue.

5. Consider Computer Glasses

Anti-blue blocking lenses cancel out the HEV blue-light spectrum which causes digital eye strain. Wearing computer glasses whilst using digital devices cancels out the effect of the light shielding your eyes and brain. Whilst anti-blue lenses are not the only solution to digital eye strain, they are an important component to maintaining healthy eyes and brain in this modern age. They are a modern solution to a modern problem.

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